Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Star is Born

I really wanted to watch the Oscars this year and watch it without too many interruptions.  This is not an easy task.  I am perfectly fine with pulling the winners list online after the show, or watching any missed acceptance speeches online.  That being said, I LOVE the Red Carpet.  I love seeing the stars arrive. I love seeing what couples are together and which ones appear to be on "rocky" grounds (awful, I know). And I love oogling over their perfect make-up, hair and attire.

I needed an action plan to be able to watch this peacefully.  I first talked up the awards show to the girls; I explained that this was the Olympics for the Movie Stars.  We then made popcorn and prepared fancy drinks (apple cider in flutes) for the occasion. They were ready.  Gwen sat and devoured the goodies and Claire ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the princess dresses with me.  She is still upset that she never got to see Gabby Douglas dressed up like a princess (guess she took my Olympic metaphor a bit too literal) but enjoyed watching the girly event.

This was our favorite (it HAD to have a full princess bottom):

I really try to let the girls dress themselves.  This is a little hard as I think most parents love to have the children "present" well.  That being said we already control just about every aspect of their lives, so I feel this is a great area to let go just a little and let them express themselves.  And really, we are the ones buys the clothes, so how bad can they really mess up selecting their choices and piecing the items together.
Today at school is movie day.  Claire has been talking about this for a couple weeks; this event has been highly anticipated in the Cheney household.  Apparently, they take the kids to a pretend movie theater where they get to watch a movie, eat pop corn, and drink juice boxes. Claire woke up SO excited for her big day.  She informed me that she HAD to dress like a Movie Star for the occasion, and that Movie Stars dressed like princesses. Gwen, of course, followed suit.  I tried to put "normal" clothes on her and recieved a sharp, "NO, I Movie Star, too!"
I made sure to snap a picture of the final product.  I am thankful this blog "forces" me to bring out the camera, I usually don't snap these "little" things.  Here are the girls, VERY proud of their Movie Star looks.


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