Tuesday, March 5, 2013

These Little Lights of Mine

Well I am finally caving and attempting to enter the blog world. I feel this will not only allow us (read, me) to share our lives, but to also reflect and appreciate these moments.  As many know our last year has been quite hectic.  Bryan, as normal, works hard to provide his girls a SAHM and Brooke works two PT jobs to provide her and the girl's activities to do to fill up their days.  While this arrangement has been amazing we have quickly realized how easy it is to get mixed up in schedules and not take time  appreciate one another or the million little things only a 2 and 5 year old can provide.  While difficult, we strive to tackle each day with intent, not to just get by, but to really love one another and see the "light" we each saw as we first met one another.

These little lights are our family.

Bryan is the head of the family.  Or so, that's what us girls tell him he is.  We love that Bryan/Dad is Goofy and fun and so thankful he does his best to spend as much time as possible with us. Bryan has committed to bed time stories with the girls regardless of how tiring his day might have been.  While it often annoys me that he can't do anything simple, I appreciate that he constantly makes everything an experience for the girls.  A simple request to go outside and play soccer lands our family at Skyline Stadium (One of our local HSs) so the girls can play on a "real" field.  He constantly creates memories for our family and for that we all are thankful.  The best part of our day is opening up the front window and calling for daddy till he gets home from work. (This can be up to a 45 minute commute)

While it is difficult to explain my own personal role in the family, it is quite easy to say I am the manager of the family. (Though it seems, slowly, Claire is taking over that role)  Essentially, I create the family calendar and let everyone know what/when/where.  The girls and my day are filled with playmates  swimming, gymnastics, soccer, pre-school and MOPS.  Luckily, the girls also accommodate a little of "me" time and have become quite popular at the local Y, while Mom works out.

Sammamish Presbyterian Church has been a host to a variety of our activities. This is where we meet for MOPS, pre-school, church/Sunday school and one of my PT jobs.  It is easy to see we spend a lot of time there and  the church has truly provided us with a community in Sammamish that we could have not imagined.  I expect the friendships the girls and our family have made will last a lifetime, we are truly blessed.

Claire, our first born, has taken that role very seriously.  She tends to be our more responsible child, likes to please people and follow rules. (don't get me wrong, girl loves to test)  I am constantly amazed by the size of her heart.  I truly don't know if I have ever met anyone so passionate about everything they do.  She loves family, friends and her teachers with such completeness. She engages in activities, holidays, church, and birthdays with so much intensity.
A small example: She still sees her pre-school teacher from last year almost every day, but still acts as if it is a great reunion every time.  Miss Patti is greeted each time with a cheesey grin and a big hug. Claire reminds us daily that our hearts are limitless.
Currently, Claire plans on being an astronaut, but doesn't quite know how that will fit in with being a rock star.  She sings about as well as both of us, but luckily has the confidence to just possibly pull it off.  This girl will be the type that can do anything, because she dreams big and believes she can.

Little Gwen is our rascal.  This two year old has more energy and craziness than I can comprehend for her 25 lb body.  With a loss of words to describe her personality, I will just list the ones that have been tossed around: Tornado, Three Snapper, Out-of-Control, Smarty Pants, Feisty, and lastly self described "I Supa-Fast".  For her first 18 months she was VERY attached to mom, we were even a bit worried. NOW,  I am convinced she was just playing a big prank on us, and knew it would provide her with a cozy spot on Mom's lap.  Gwen brings a lot of laughter to the family.  She reminds us to roll with the punches, life isn't always predictable and we've actually learned to like it that way.  She has an opinion and we will take that into account.  She has taught me to accept character clothing and shoes, and that socks aren't always needed in the winter. At this point, we will have to wait to see what this girl has in store.  I have no doubt it will be entertaining.

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