Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bright Twirling Dresses

I have always read blogs: mom blogs, money blogs, self help blogs, nutrition/exercise blogs, travel get the idea.  If you have something of interest to say, I am willing to listen.  Every once in a while a blogger even moves me enough to take some form of action in my life.  This happened to me a few days ago.

One of my girls friends shared a blog called "Dear Mom on the iPhone" that really got to me.  The entry (included in the link) spoke about us moms going to the park and spending our time on our smart phones or media of choice.

She writes, "Your little girl is spinning round and round, making her dress twirl. She is such a little beauty queen already, the sun shining behind her long hair. She keeps glancing your way to see if you are watching her.
You aren’t."

You may wonder why this moved me, as I am the last person to spend time on my smart phone (I don't have one).  Well, you can substitute this with whatever Mommy friend we invited to the park that day.  The Moms sit chit-chatting and the kids are playing.  Win-Win, or so I thought.

Well she has a point, so this day we will go to the park by ourselves and play the three of us together. We didn't need friends to enjoy our time.  It was going to be a glorious time laughing together, chasing each other, and simply enjoying one another's time.  You get the idea, this day was going to be picture perfect,  it was even sunny!

Upon arrival at the park, we noticed immediately, the play structure had been invaded by a group of older kids, probably including some middle schoolers.  We headed over to the toddler section, and Claire immediately bored of the structure as well as Mom and Sis's company.  She wanted desperately to play with the big kids whom were playing a good old fashioned game of Hot Lava.  I gave her the go ahead and told her to have fun. Hhrrmmph, this is not exactly how this played out in my head. I then realize I am thrilled she has gained the confidence to enter a group of kids so confidently, she would have not have done this a year ago.

I still had Gwen, the little one whom still enjoys playing with Mommy as much as anyone else whom could be around.  I asked her what she wanted to play on, and to no surprise responded, "Swing." and took off at the speed of lightening.  I followed over to the set prepared for some pushing.

Though only about 15-20  steps behind her, Gwen's impatience led her to climb in the seat all by herself.  The problem, though, is that she entered through the leg hole of the swing and only her head could fit through the hole.  She started screaming, "IT'S TOO TIGHT!"  She was right, the hole was too tight and this Mama wasn't so sure she could get her out.

After a long five minutes, A LONG 5 MINUTES, I was able to get her out with the help of another mom.  We were only about 30 seconds away from calling the fire station but, thankfully, did not have to. I had to turn her upside down and hold her completely still and the other mom positioned the swing to that her nose fit perfectly into the corner of the leg hole. Wheew! She's free.

This day, I didn't see my girls in bright twirling dresses. I didn't have a picture perfect day I had anticipated. BUT I did see them pass two major milestones, which I am positive to remember.  Claire turned into one of the big kids at the park, she made friends completely on her own and didn't need mom to guide the process.  Gwen, well, she got her head stuck in a swing.  Every kid has do that at some point, right?!


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