Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finding Nemo: Part Deux

Since Claire was young, she and Roxy have had a tumultuous relationship.  It hasn’t always been that way, but the BFF status retired back in early of 2008. In her early days (read immobile sleeping days) the two of them used to cuddle and sleep together, it was really precious.  We were thrilled, as we were the nervous doggy parents that didn’t want to “forget” about their “first” born.

I don’t remember the exact date, but both Bryan and I remember the event quite clearly.  Claire had learned to sit up on her own and was comfortable sitting up to where Bryan and I were not in arms reach.  Innocently, Roxy came to cuddle with her BFF.  Her BFF was excited to see Roxy too and unfortunately had recently gained some new control to her hands and grasping abilities.  With one quick lunge Claire successful reached her furry friend and pulled out two great big handfuls of hair.  Roxy yelped and quickly moved away.  They have not been cuddle buddies since the incident.  After a quick gaze through the pics, this appears to be one of their last moments “together”.

 Claire has desperately wanted a pet since the event, and longs for Roxy to not be scared of her.  We have made strides, but Roxy still shakes at the touch of her sis.  Oddly enough, Roxy is not remotely scared of Gwen and the two of them play quite well. 

Claire asked for a kitty for her birthday and Christmas this year.  While wanting to meet her need, neither Bryan or I have any desire to take on another pet, and quite frankly neither are kitty people.  This Valentine’s Day Bryan had a great idea.  He wanted to get the girls (really Claire) their own first pet, a fish. I didn’t have any major objections; they are low maintenance and can stay in the girl’s rooms.

The girls were thrilled upon receiving the fish.  Claire got a red Beta, which she named Goldie, and Gwen got a blue Beta that she creatively named Nemo.  I didn’t have high expectations for the longevity of the fish, but was thrilled at the passing of February that the fish A. were still alive and B. Still were of interest and attention of the girls.

March 19, 2013 may forever change my thought of the girls having their own pets, at least in their early youth.  I was down stairs fixing some dinner and the girls were quietly playing upstairs in their rooms.  Claire comes down and pats the back of my leg and holds out her hand, “I don’t think he’s moving.”  I look down to see Nemos lifeless body in her hands.  WHY on earth is she holding the fish in her hand, and WHY is this fish missing half of its fins?!  Before I could ask such questions, Gwen comes down showing me the barely moving Goldie in her hands, “Its Goldie!”  She is so proud to show me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures to show.  I was too grossed out and only wanted to get the fish out of the way and clean the fin parts off their arms.  Apparently, they wanted to play with the fish, and apparently it was bad idea.

When Bryan got home we told him the sad news, and he went up to grab the bowls out of the girls rooms and officially put away the tanks.  I hear a BIG sigh, “Claire, will you come here.” *serious tone* Ut-Oh!  This doesn’t sound good.  *saucer eyes* Bryan presented her with two combs he found “hidden” in her room.  Each contained the remnants of poor Goldie and Nemo.  Claire confessed that they were only trying to brush their hair.  She wanted to make their fish pretty.

A hard lesson was learned today for both Claire and us.  I don’t think Claire will ever again play Beauty parlor with a fish and Mom and Dad will confidently wait on that kitty. Gwen, she’s still trying to Find Nemo.

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